Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reflections of Belmar Mural part 6

With the temperatures finally dipping below 90 degrees for a little while, our volunteer crew of muralists was back to work on the painted mural down by 16th Avenue. That meant bringing the whole collection of paints (new cans and containers of premixed colors from previous sessions), brushes, and clean up materials.

Today we had three experienced muralists on the job. Bonnie and Pat (in the foreground at left, finishing the beach sand) have both worked on this project before, but today they were joined by Jim Fitzmaurice, who painted the huge mural of Belmar scenes on the back of Freedman's bakery last fall. Three artists and three ladders, ready to get some paint on the wall.

Today Jim put himself into a precarious position as he painted the town website address on the subject's hat. Belmar's muralists are a dedicated bunch.

Meanwhile, Bonnie finished painting the reflected image in the right lens on the sunglasses.

At the end of today's painting, we see that the project is almost done. Remaining is the reflected image in the left lens and some touch up here and there. Weather permitting, painters will be out there very early tomorrow morning with the goal of finishing the mural.

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