Friday, July 8, 2011

Reflections of Belmar Mural

Making murals out of mud is lots of fun, but at the BAC we also like to do it the old fashioned way, with paint on a wall. Our latest such local mural got started today, on the side of a dentist's office building on Main Street near the corner of 16th Avenue in Belmar. (the parking lot seen in the photos is the gas station) The design was created last year and the wall was cleaned and whitewashed recently in preparation for Belmar's latest mural. The first step (above) was to cut down a large bush that partly blocks the view of the wall.

The next step was to transfer the basic design to the wall. A large grid was laid on the wall, using a ladder to reach the upper parts.

By the end of the day's work, a part of the image has begun to emerge, thanks to the efforts of Pat, Hutch, Marilyn, and Chris. Work will continue as weather permits in the coming weeks, and those efforts will be documented here.

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