Saturday, November 17, 2018

Celebrate the ARTS, Belmar Style

New Jersey was just hit with the worst November winter storm in more than 80 years.  Belmar was spared the major snowfall some other areas received, but we had the wind and the cold, and still do.  All of this before we even got to have any turkey.  It certainly feels like the holidays are getting close, so a good time for BelmarArts to Celebrate the Arts, with a Holiday Market.  There will be more events to come, but for one day we had a nice little celebration.  Food, entertainment, lots of art for sale, and not a snowflake in sight to get in our way.

Not a huge feast, but a nice assortment of tasty treats were available for all who came by.  Also a series of musicians providing live entertainment- the woman shown below was the second performer of the day.

But most of all it was a place for makers of art to sell their creations, and a place for shoppers to get a head start on filling those lists of presents, for others or for themselves.

We had more than 15 vendors set up in both front and back, with a classic assortment of ceramics, baskets, jewelry, fine art, and all the other things one expects to find at one of our artisan market sales.

As I had said, the fun continued into the back, where there was more art for sale, as well as the live entertainment.

The day also included crafts, and even massages were available in the side room.  That's a lot to be found in one place in a town like Belmar, well after the summer season and a bit before the official holiday season begins.

Unfortunately, this Holiday Market is now done, just a one day taste of what we have to offer.  But don't worry, because a much larger holiday market and sale will be coming soon, with an emphasis on   small and affordable products, and that one will last from November 28 to December 28, 2018.  The deadline to be an exhibiting artist at that show is just a few days away, so if you are interested, go to the Main website of BelmarArts really soon.  And if you are just interested in visiting the market and maybe buying something, the official reception is on Saturday, December 1, 2018 from 5 to 7 pm, plus whatever other hours it is open.