Saturday, February 24, 2018

Open Up the Book Arts Show

The Boatworks is no stranger to literary events and interests.  We've had writers groups, book publishing workshops, and book signing events, including one just last month.  And there have been times when books and related objects were part of group exhibitions in our gallery space.  but we never had a book themed exhibition...until now.  Welcome to the Book Art show.

This exhibition is curated by Louise Krasniewicz and features a wide variety of book themed art.  The show is intended to explore the relationships between the written word, books as physical objects, and the visual arts.  Artists were invited to provide art inspired by book sources, such as literary adaptations, sculptures made from book parts and materials, art that referenced book binding, famous literary characters, and anything else related.  Almost 40 artworks took on that challenge.

Besides book inspired artworks, the show includes other items related to books for viewers to enjoy, such as small libraries of books, information about comic books and their place in education, and even literary paper dolls for people to make.

Not our largest ever crowd, but the galleries were full, front and back.  Some even took advantage of the invitation to come dressed as favorite authors or characters from books.

The Book Arts Show will remain on display during regular gallery hours, through March 23, 2018.  Admission if free.