Saturday, January 25, 2020

Art In Nature Salon

So what could it be that all these people find so fascinating?  It's the latest Salon exhibition of course- Art in Nature.

We have been holding these Salon style shows for several years now, open shows with some kind of theme, where participants are invited to present one of their works and briefly talk about it.  Artists may talk about their materials, their inspiration, their subject, their process- whatever they want.   The afternoon rain had eased up and the crowd started coming, including an estimated over 40 participating artists from the exhibition, including a few new members.  Exhibition chair Jim Aberle was present to get things started and move us from piece to piece and artist to artist until everyone got their turn.

Many paintings, many photographs, a variety of fabric based arts, ceramics, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, and other media were all represented, demonstrating the variety of art skills found among our members, and in offered classes.  And something that may be new to us- conceptual art.

When the event began, the above frame included a banana (as in the two above photos).  Before the evening was over, it was gone.  What will be there when the gallery opens next week?  To find out you'll have to come in and see.

With so much art, the front gallery couldn't hold it all, so eventually the festivities moved to the back gallery, which held even more art.  And if all that isn't enough, the side gallery has a little show of fiber based art, a preview of the Fiber Arts show coming up later in the spring. (see the website for details)

Like that banana, the artists and their stories are no longer in the galleries, but the rest of the art will remain on the walls for a few more weeks.  Come check it out.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Art In Nature Opens

The Boatworks has a new show up, the new Salon style show where exhibitors get to talk about the artworks with visitors to the reception.  However, that's still a week away, so here's a preview of what you can see.  Of course you get a much better view of the show by going to the gallery in person, open during the usual posted hours.

The title of this show (and its theme) is Art in Nature, and the art reflects this.  Views of nature, and a lot of them- there are over 80 works in this show.  A variety of mediums- painting, drawing, prints, photography, sculpture, fabric arts- we got it all.

The Salon part of the show will be at the official opening reception, January 25, 2020 (next Saturday), from 5 to 7 pm. All are welcome and admission is free. The show will remain on the walls through February 8, 2020.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Patterns come to Belmar

Tonight we had a different kind of opening, a collaboration between two artists.  The exhibition is called "Patterns"  Art, Mysticism, & Science "An Escape into Reality", and the artists are David Levy and Paul Hansen.  One thing they have in common is a love of pattern, which show up in the paintings of Hansen, the optical art and photographs of Levy, and a few things they collaborated on.

Perhaps because of this common theme, the work was all hung side by side, with only small number tags to specify what was being seen.  Sometimes common colors helped to unify the collections of works.

The large paintings and multimedia installations come from Paul Hansen, and include such common themes of heads and of the Vitruvian Man made famous by Leonardo da Vinci. Bold colors and shapes are also typical of these pieces.  There are 13 works from Hansen found scattered throughout the front and back galleries.

Meanwhile, David Levy's pieces tend to make use of moire patterns, a kind of interference pattern that results from layering one pattern over another with some transparency or spacing, creating odd optical effects.  Included are some early experiments that go back to his teen years involving wood frames and carefully spaced thread, but most involve wooden backs and painted patterns on both the wood and plexiglass suspended in front.  Every small movement of the viewer's head results in new optical patterns as the lines in different directions visually intersect.  There are 28 such pieces scattered between the two galleries, along with 8 photographs of industrial scenes- mostly architectural items that display strong patterns.

Shows with just two artists can be a risk in terms of attendance, but this one worked out. The artists had many friends and fans who showed up to enjoy the bold art.

Over in the Lounge Gallery, another show, this one featuring work from the Fiber Fridays group, which meets monthly to try materials and processes related to fiber based arts. 20 assorted pieces.

Which leads to this large installation on the stage, involving furniture, a mannequin, quilt and geometric themed wall hanging.  Was it a Levy, a Hansen, or part of the Fiber Friday show? Seemed like it could have been any of them.  Answer was none of the above. Turned out to be a collaboration between our two main artists, and the Friday people not involved in any way, though I'd guess they admired it.

This exhibition built around the idea of patterns, painted, constructed, or just optical, remains on display at the Boatworks during posted gallery hours through December 21, 2019.  As of now there are plans for a closing reception on December 21st from 5 to 7 pm, but you don't want to wait that long to see this fun and thought provoking show.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Cornucopia of Color in Belmar

A few days ago a new show came to the Boatworks, and tonight was the official opening.  The show is called Cornucopia of Color, and that title is certainly true.  This exhibition is organized by committee chairs Eileen Petruch and Rupa DasGupta. No specific medium, though it seems painting dominates, but there are examples of collage, photography, drawing, fibers, and mixed media.  No specific subject either.  What it all has in common is an abundance of color.  The proposal indicates that reds, yellows, and oranges of autumn were the inspiration for the show theme, but were not a requirement, and artists will do what they are going to do, so any color you can think of can be found on these walls.  In any case, it's a cure for gray days of autumn, such as the one we had today.  

The show fills both the front and back galleries, almost 60 works total.  The reception had a slightly earlier than usual start time, due to a musical event happening a little later, but we still got a pretty good crowd.

The crowd was eventually bolstered by the arrival of some of the artists connected to the show in the Lounge gallery, which was also quite colorful.  The artists were youthful, members of the Boys and Girls club of Monmouth County, located Asbury Park.  Curated by Donna Mechura, the over 40 works include a wide variety of media, such as painting, collage, mixed media, cut paper, and collage.  If you are going to come see the main show, you may as well check out the side gallery and see these colorful works.

If you have a desire to get out of the gray and into the color, stop by the Boatworks between now and November 23rd, when this show comes down.  As always, admission is free.

In connection with this show, there will be a Salon event on Saturday Nov 9, from 3 to 5 pm.  All participants are invited to come and present their piece(s) from the show to all who are in attendance. This event is free and open to the public. So if you want to know more about this Cornucopia of Color and want to get in out of the cold, be sure to stop by.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

2019 Photography Show

Once again it is time for one of the more popular shows around here, the annual photography show.  Some years there has been a theme, some years (like this one) there has not, but one thing that has been consistent in recent years is the format.  Photographs must be printed at 13" x 19" (can be vertical or horizontal), which fits glass they hang behind.   But subject, style, black and white or color- the rest its wide open.  The show was organized by committee chairs Michael and Beverly Miller.

The decision was made in advance to limit the show to 50 pieces, which still fills both the front and back galleries. The side gallery/Lounge displays several woodcut prints by Paul Bonelli.

Around the halfway point in the reception David Levy was introduced.  The significance is that he, along with longtime member Bonnie Smith, were the exhibition jurors.  David, who will be featured in another show later this year, was present tonight and spent time talking about the difficulty of cutting the number of pieces down to 50 (as a lot more good things had come in) and in reaching a consensus with Bonnie on work selection and awards.  But reach it they did, as we were given the list tonight.

2019 Award winners

Merit Award Color 
Carl Rothchild

Merit Award Black and White
Steven Kushner

Merit Award Black and White
Carousel Sunrise
Amanda Kuscera

Merit Award Color
Space Invaders
Kristopher Schoenleber

Honorable Mention Color
Edward Deverell

Honorable Mention Black and White
Wisdom of the Ages
Susan Dugan

Best in Color
Labor Day
Joanie Mansfield

Best in Black and White
Two Furry Friends
Jody Huss

The 2019 Annual Photography Exhibition will remain on display during gallery hours through October 18, 2019.  All works are for sale, at a mere $99 each, an excellent price for quality fine art.  Admission (and looking) is free.