Tuesday, January 15, 2019

New Year and Other New Stuff

We have some changes going on around here, in our building, but also here on the internet.  This blog, no, that is pretty much the same as ever.  The blog is its own site, so while the main websites for this organization come and go, the blog goes on and on.  But a few things were revealed at the Humor show opening a few days ago, and now they are official.

First of all, we have a brand new website.  It's been in progress for a little while, but it went online earlier today as planned.  Good news- it's the same address we've always had, so if you knew how to get to the previous website, you know how to get to this one, and old links to it should still work. For example, the link to the main website in the column to the right will now get you to this new one.  It's brighter and more colorful than the last one had been, or the temporary site that was operating just before this new one.  But so far it seems to have all the important stuff- information about events, exhibitions, classes, groups, etc.  Make sure to check it out.

Another big announcement over the weekend is that the organization will go back to referring to itself as the BAC, as we had done back in the old days.  Back then it was understood that those letters stood for the Belmar Arts Council, and I guess they still could.  More importantly, they stand for us and what we are doing now.  We have a new logo to go along with all this, and eventually they will send a copy here so I can post it as part of this site.  Meanwhile, we are still headquartered in the Boatworks in Belmar, still involved in many aspects of art.  As one of my old professors said, "Art is Forever."

Saturday, January 12, 2019

LOL: The Humor Show

It's now 2019, and with a new year comes a new schedule of exhibitions at the Boatworks, and it has been tradition for several years that we kick off those years with a Salon style show.  That means a members show, where the opening reception invites all participants to spend a few minutes presenting their work- talking about where the idea came from, materials used, or anything else they think is relevant to the piece.  There is not always an overall theme, but this year there is.  This is LOL: The Humor Show.  What constitutes humor can vary from person to person, but words commonly thrown around here included funny, light, amusing, playful...you get the idea.  Welcome to the Humor Show.

The over two dozen works include paintings, prints, photographs, fiber based art, sculptures, books- the whole range of two and three dimensional artwork.

The curator of the show is our own Jim Aberle, shown above on the right, talking art with two visitors.

The whole exhibition fills both galleries, but when the events were ready to begin tonight, most of the crowd was in the back room, near the food and the bar.  So it was decided to start the Salon part of the evening back there.

Our current gallery director Louise Krasniewicz (who also helped to hang this particular show) was on hand to get things started, talk a little about works whose artists were not present, and about her work when we came around to it in the gallery.

As expected, we had a fairly large crowd of people there for the event, listening as each artist shared the story behind their work.  At this event it is always fascinating to hear these stories, which illuminate each piece, and this being a humor show, often came with a bit of fun.

With the back room artists all done, we moved the event to the front room and heard from all those artists.  And with that completed, it became a regular party.

The LOL Humor reception has now passed, and all the stories now just part of our collected memories, but the show will remain on display for the rest of the month.  Come see art that explores the lighter side of life, while still being art that doesn't ignore the rest of life, or art.  The work will remain on display through February 1, 2019 during regular gallery hours. Admission and parking are free as always.

Before the night was over, we were told of changes coming to the organization, including a new website possibly as soon as next week (the blog isn't going anywhere), a new logo, and other fun changes.  Check back here for more details.