Saturday, August 19, 2017

Art Gets You Through the Dog Days of August

We are definitely in the dog days of August- excessive heat, humidity, unbearable traffic through town especially on Saturdays.  So why not treat yourself to some beautiful art in our nice cool space?

Right now our front room gallery holds an exhibition called "Dog Days of August", and I think you can guess the subject of the art.  The show includes 38 artworks that deal with the concept of dogs.  A portion of the artist entry fees goes to Rescue Ridge, an animal shelter in Spring Lake.  There is no fee for visitors to see the show, though if you have an urge to donate to an animal shelter they will probably welcome it.

Meanwhile, the gallery in the back room features the photographs of Kah-Wai Lin.  Not so many dogs, but a mix of mostly exteriors and interiors, often with rich saturated colors.  The walls are filled, so wherever you look, you'll likely see something interesting.  Below are some examples, but to get the best effect, one should see it in person.

Both exhibitions remain on display during regular gallery hours through September 8, 2017.  The gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday from 1 pm to 5 pm, and admission in free.

photos provided by Rebecca Szabo