Saturday, December 16, 2017

SOLO number 2- Jude Harzer

The first SOLO show is now over and has been replaced with a new one- Look Into My Eyes, the work of Jude Harzer.  That new show opened up tonight in our rear gallery space.  This exhibition is the second in our annual series of solo shows that members can apply for.  Jude Harzer lives and works in Brick, and learned about BelmarArts when some of her students participated in one of the recent student shows.  Now she's a member and showing us her own work.

Early on the gallery space was fairly empty.  There was more going on in the side gallery, where our featured artist and her gang had put out quite a feast.  The crowd would eventually follow.

Jude Harzer is a painter, which she studied at Mt Holyoke and other places.  She's been regularly painting for about 9 years, although the approximately two dozen pieces in this exhibition are selected from the large number of works she has created over the past year and half.  Working in both oils and acrylics, the paintings are all figure based, mostly featuring young children, and mostly girls. The children are not smiling, but she assures us it's not about fear, but more the kids are on the edge of activities.  She sees these characters as busy observing adult behavior, perhaps expressing a loss of innocence, while absorbing information and figuring things out.  There is meant to be a lot of interaction between the subjects and the viewer, with their staring at us intended to get us to look back at them.

Her drawing and painting style reflects a general interest in figurative art, ranging from the renaissance to the modern era.  It is clear that she has studied the shapes of anatomy, and how artists have used light and shadow and color to show the form of face and body.

Attendance started slowly, as often happens when it's a solo show, and many of the guests have not ever been to the Boatworks.  (some GPS systems still don't know where our building is, but our staff is always willing to help all those who get lost on the way here)  Within an hour, the back room was pretty packed with friends and family, some of whom were also touring the Winter Artisan Market in the front room.  (Christmas is only about a week away)

Look Into My Eyes, the art of Jude Harzer will remain on display at the Boatworks through January 12, 2018.  Holidays are coming, so check the website for hours and days, but don't miss it.