Saturday, July 26, 2014

Beginner Gourd Art Workshop

Interesting new artistic materials continue to show up at the Boatworks.  Today there was a one day workshop in Beginner Gourd Art.  Shore area artist Marcie Falconetti has an extensive background working with gourds and shared that with a group of students this afternoon.  The gourds are hand chosen by the artist from a farm in Amish Country, then individually hand drilled, sanded, cleaned, and washed.  Above, the artist and some examples of the process.  Below, the artist demonstrates using a brush to add another layer of color.  All materials and tools were included in the workshop fee.

The surface embellishment is done with leather dyes.  Students applied these with brushes (above) or dabbing them on (below).  Tape and rubber bands were used to mask areas in preparation for secondary layers of color.

Spray bottles of alcohol were used to dissolve and blend the colors of dye, creating an interesting surface sheen.  Below are the three pieces created by today's students.  Start to finish in three hours.

Common approaches are to create such things as planters, vases, or birdhouses, but every gourd is different and the artist can let those shapes be an inspiration.  Right now the expectation is to run this workshop again in the fall, so if you are intrigued, keep an eye on the website or our weekly newsletter, and sign up when you see it.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

No Summer Vacation for Artists

The longest running class we have at BelmarArts is Drawing and Beyond.  Launched in 2009 by Sven Widen and Lizzie Schippert, the focus of the class is on still life, whether the interest is in portfolio prep (high school or college) or just improving one's skills.  Students sign up for 6 week segments and can explore a variety of media.  For example, today there was an elaborate and colorful still life set up in the back room of the Boatworks for artists working with paint or pastels. The side room had a group of teens using pencil in exercises involving both simple geometric and complex organic shapes.

The class meets almost every Thursday, is open to teens and adults, and can be attended as either a two or three hour class.  For more information, check out the class page on our main website, or contact the main office during regular business hours.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Two Bands for the Price of None

Summer marches on through Belmar, and the BAC will be hosting live music in Pyanoe Plaza every week.  Tonight was one of the biggest crowds we ever got for one of these.  Maybe that's because we had a beauitful evening, or maybe because we had two bands.  Our artist tonight was Musicians on a Mission, a group that does fund raising for non profits, and they were raising funds for us.  We had two band set ups, each with its own drums, microphones, and speakers.  And the two bands were the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.  Well, not the real bands, but two good cover bands, alternating turns playing a few hits at a time from the acts they represented.  Below are the Stones imitators.

Above, the "Beatles" are performing in the background, while the "Stones" are in the foreground waiting their turn.  Below, a view of the "Stones" from backstage (sidewalk along Main Street), showing our huge crowd.

At various times we had volunteers circulating through the audience (estimated at 400 people) with labelled buckets, allowing the spectators to vote for their favorite band with their donated money.  An hour into the competition, it was still too close to call.  The sure winners were the audience, enjoying great renditions of favorite tunes.

And we're just three weeks into our summer of free live music in the middle of Belmar.  The rest of the schedule can be seen here.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Jersey Shore Moments Opening Reception

Beautiful weather on this Fourth of July weekend brought a huge crowd to Belmar today, and at least some of that crowd found its way to the Boatworks for the opening reception of the Jersey Shore Moments Fine Art & Artisan Crafts Market sale and exhibition.  We are estimating that about 175 people passed though during the hours of the reception.

Art and crafts filled the front and back galleries.  Reflecting our location and the season, the framed fine art is all of a Shore theme.  The craft items are very diverse, though some do fit the beach theme.

Considering that the majority of people in Belmar this time of year are out of town visitors, everything in this show is for immediate sale- pay for it and you take it home immediately.  And artists whose work sells during the show can replace them with new works, so expect the merchandise to be updated over the course of the exhibition.

Our back room was filled with more Jersey Shore inspired art.  The refreshment table in the side gallery was also replenished throughout the reception.

Visitors in the back room could also enjoy the live entertainment that was arranged.  First, Tim McCorry on piano, then later Dave Doyle on guitar.

The reception is now over, but the sale will be going on.  And once again we have instituted expanded summer hours.  The gallery will be open 1 to 5pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, and 1 to 7pm on Fridays and Saturdays.  This show is sponsored by the Jersey Shore Moments Art Gallery and Custom Framing of Manasquan and will be on display through August 15, 2014.  Admission is free.