Saturday, July 19, 2014

Two Bands for the Price of None

Summer marches on through Belmar, and the BAC will be hosting live music in Pyanoe Plaza every week.  Tonight was one of the biggest crowds we ever got for one of these.  Maybe that's because we had a beauitful evening, or maybe because we had two bands.  Our artist tonight was Musicians on a Mission, a group that does fund raising for non profits, and they were raising funds for us.  We had two band set ups, each with its own drums, microphones, and speakers.  And the two bands were the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.  Well, not the real bands, but two good cover bands, alternating turns playing a few hits at a time from the acts they represented.  Below are the Stones imitators.

Above, the "Beatles" are performing in the background, while the "Stones" are in the foreground waiting their turn.  Below, a view of the "Stones" from backstage (sidewalk along Main Street), showing our huge crowd.

At various times we had volunteers circulating through the audience (estimated at 400 people) with labelled buckets, allowing the spectators to vote for their favorite band with their donated money.  An hour into the competition, it was still too close to call.  The sure winners were the audience, enjoying great renditions of favorite tunes.

And we're just three weeks into our summer of free live music in the middle of Belmar.  The rest of the schedule can be seen here.

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