Saturday, July 26, 2014

Beginner Gourd Art Workshop

Interesting new artistic materials continue to show up at the Boatworks.  Today there was a one day workshop in Beginner Gourd Art.  Shore area artist Marcie Falconetti has an extensive background working with gourds and shared that with a group of students this afternoon.  The gourds are hand chosen by the artist from a farm in Amish Country, then individually hand drilled, sanded, cleaned, and washed.  Above, the artist and some examples of the process.  Below, the artist demonstrates using a brush to add another layer of color.  All materials and tools were included in the workshop fee.

The surface embellishment is done with leather dyes.  Students applied these with brushes (above) or dabbing them on (below).  Tape and rubber bands were used to mask areas in preparation for secondary layers of color.

Spray bottles of alcohol were used to dissolve and blend the colors of dye, creating an interesting surface sheen.  Below are the three pieces created by today's students.  Start to finish in three hours.

Common approaches are to create such things as planters, vases, or birdhouses, but every gourd is different and the artist can let those shapes be an inspiration.  Right now the expectation is to run this workshop again in the fall, so if you are intrigued, keep an eye on the website or our weekly newsletter, and sign up when you see it.

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