Saturday, October 20, 2018

2018 Photography Exhibition

Although the art has been up on the walls for a few days, tonight was the official reception for the current show, The Annual Photography Exhibition: A Juried Exhibit.  As the title indicates, this one is all about photography, all pieces a 19" x 13" standard size and framed identically, with no theme to limit the artists.

This is a juried show, and the starting point was 132 entries.  Jurors Merry Brennan and Freddy Clark had the task of cutting that down to the 50 pieces that were chosen for this exhibition. Both the front and back rooms were filled with art, and eventually with artists and viewers.

Not surprisingly, the bar area and the refreshment room were both places where a lot of people gathered.  Part of that may have been because there was no other place to stand once the crowds showed up.

Live entertainment was provided by John Falk.

See, it did get quite crowded in there.  At around 5:45, Beverly Miller gathered everyone to hear some important stuff, such as reminding everyone that all work in the show is for sale, at $99 per piece.  And thanks to sponsors, there are quite a few monetary prizes.  More workshops coming up soon.  Then she gave us the list of winners-  merit awards, honorable mentions, and the best-in-show.

Here are those prize winners, images taken by the artists and prize winner list provided by Beverly Miller:

Merit Award
David Colby
Purple Sky

Merit Award
Kevin Rau
Dream no. 2

Merit Award
Joanie Mansfield
Red Leaf

Honorable Mention
Marilyn Baldi
Ghost Town #2

Honorable Mention
Michael Greco
Philadelphia & Reading Railroad Bridge

Best In Show
Richard Stopa

 Of course, much better than seeing the pieces here on the internet would be to go to the gallery to see the show in person.  This photography exhibition will remain on display during gallery hours through November 16, 2018, and admission is free.