Saturday, June 17, 2017

Life in an Enchanted Garden

Our latest show at the Boatworks is a little different from any other show in recent memory.  Called "An Enchanted Garden", the proposal called for such options as beautiful flowers, waterfalls, fairies and gnomes, even live plants could be submitted.

These wide ranging options seem to have worked for participants, as we ended up with over 80 submissions to this show.  The small sculptures above and paintings below demonstrate how the artists met the challenge.

This show was organized by Alison Bowie and Louise Krasniewicz, shown above dressed for the occasion as Alice and the Mad Hatter, posing with the Queen of Hearts.  The Lewis Carroll thing was not necessarily part of the show, but it certainly seemed compatible with the art and atmosphere.  The Queen threatened to cut off our heads a few times, but everyone survived the event intact.  And for a change of pace from the usual wine and cheese reception, it was decided to make today's reception a "Mad Hatter Tea Party."  Yes, there was tea.

Normally this is the point in a blog post where we show the prize winning pieces in the show, but this time around the prizes didn't go to submitted works, but to elaborate hats that some in attendance chose to wear.

The above pink hat won the first prize in the hat competition, but you can see many other worthy exotic hats, often involving just as much work as the paintings, drawings, sculptures and works of art entered in the exhibition.  The consensus seemed to be that this was one of the funnest art receptions we've ever held.

The Enchanted Garden exhibition remains on display during regular gallery hours through July 7, 2017.  The hats may not be there, but visitors retain the option of wearing one when they come to the gallery.  Admission is free, as always.