Saturday, October 28, 2017

Getting Together in Belmar

Time advances in Belmar.  Days are cooler.  Night comes earlier.  And there's a new show in the gallery.  Time for Togetherness.  Our new show is one of collaborations, with two or more artists involved in the creation of each piece.  Collaboration allows an artist to make something they might not ever make all on their own, which can be exciting.  There are about 40 pieces in the gallery, filling both front and back rooms, and with multiple creators attached to each piece, that makes for a lot of artists represented.

A wide variety of mediums were represented.  No theme, other than two or more people participating in the creation of each piece.

Not our largest crowd ever, but respectable.  There were a lot of Halloween events going on the area tonight, which may have impacted our event.  We had many familiar faces, and some first time visitors, too.

This show was curated by Jim Aberle and Frank Parisi.  All in attendance at the opening had the option of voting for a people's choice award- the favorite piece in the whole show.

And the winner turned out to be Eventide, an acrylic painting by Diane Castelli Hurford and Beverly Sirianni.  The winning piece can be seen above between the two artists who created it.

The opening reception is over now, but the exhibition will remain on display through November 17, 2017 during regular gallery hours.  Admission in free.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Up and Running

Once again we seem to have a functioning main website.  Information is being gradually added, but already there's a lot of important stuff to be found there, and more will come.  If you don't remember the address, this blog has a link, high up on the right.