Saturday, September 21, 2019

2019 Photography Show

Once again it is time for one of the more popular shows around here, the annual photography show.  Some years there has been a theme, some years (like this one) there has not, but one thing that has been consistent in recent years is the format.  Photographs must be printed at 13" x 19" (can be vertical or horizontal), which fits glass they hang behind.   But subject, style, black and white or color- the rest its wide open.  The show was organized by committee chairs Michael and Beverly Miller.

The decision was made in advance to limit the show to 50 pieces, which still fills both the front and back galleries. The side gallery/Lounge displays several woodcut prints by Paul Bonelli.

Around the halfway point in the reception David Levy was introduced.  The significance is that he, along with longtime member Bonnie Smith, were the exhibition jurors.  David, who will be featured in another show later this year, was present tonight and spent time talking about the difficulty of cutting the number of pieces down to 50 (as a lot more good things had come in) and in reaching a consensus with Bonnie on work selection and awards.  But reach it they did, as we were given the list tonight.

2019 Award winners

Merit Award Color 
Carl Rothchild

Merit Award Black and White
Steven Kushner

Merit Award Black and White
Carousel Sunrise
Amanda Kuscera

Merit Award Color
Space Invaders
Kristopher Schoenleber

Honorable Mention Color
Edward Deverell

Honorable Mention Black and White
Wisdom of the Ages
Susan Dugan

Best in Color
Labor Day
Joanie Mansfield

Best in Black and White
Two Furry Friends
Jody Huss

The 2019 Annual Photography Exhibition will remain on display during gallery hours through October 18, 2019.  All works are for sale, at a mere $99 each, an excellent price for quality fine art.  Admission (and looking) is free.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Love The Shore Opens

It seems like everyone loves Belmar, especially in the summer.  Crowds keep arriving in town, by car, by bus, by train. Some come for the bars and parties, some for the fishing and seafood, some even come for the art, but probably most come for the beach.  It's very popular this time of year, including for many who live around here all the time.  The current art show at the Boatworks is an open show, that comes with the theme of Love The Shore- Oceans First.  And the work is all about what the participants love about the shore.

The show was organized by chair K. Dorsey Lucas, who took a turn (along with husband Rich) in this underwater scene painting at our opening reception last Saturday.  There are well over 60 works in the show. filling all three rooms of the Boatworks.  Mediums include painting, drawing, sculpture, collage, mixed media, and photography. 

Our chair even took time to work with students at the Belmar Boro Summer Camp, having then make artworks about what they love about the shore.  These works are hanging in our Lounge area, each labeled with the creator's name and age.  At the reception, donated works were auctioned off for the benefit of Clean Ocean Action, which will also be given a percentage of sales from the exhibition.

The Love the Shore Oceans First exhibition opened on August 14th, and continues through September 14, 2019, viewable by the public any time during regular gallery hours.  As always, admission is free.

And if you like the Love the Shore show, you should probably stop and check out the underwater mural on the side of the Boatworks, created by members over a decade ago.

Reception photo courtesy of Diane Cioffi

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Big Painting Show Artist Talk

The BAC tried a different kind of event tonight- an artist talk in conjunction with a current show.  Not quite the same as the Salon exhibitions, but not too different either.  The show in question is the Big Painting show, where all participating artists provided a large painting, at least 36" square.  All those artists were invited to participate, along with any friends who wanted to come, or for that matter, the public.  Exhibition organizer Sandy Taylor was the host.  Most of the discussion occurred in the back gallery, where all those in attendance sat in a big ring.  Sometimes the painting was in the front room gallery, so it was carried into the back so everyone could see it.  On at least one occasion, everyone moved into the Lounge so that a particularly large painting could be seen without being moved.

In each case, the artist first presented their work.  They might talk about the inspiration, the process, their favorite materials, all kinds of things that concern painters.  After that, those present were invited to ask questions. There were about 20 people in attendance.  Everyone seemed to be having a good time.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

The Big Painting Show Opens

Long time member Sandy Taylor thought it might be a good idea to have a show focused on large scale works, things larger than 36" x 36".  It's something you don't see much of, so there might be a demand out there.  Juror Donna Kessinger got on board.  The BAC decided to go along with it.  And the entries poured in.  The final tally included 71 entries, out of which only 25 were taken. Not just a matter of selectivity, though the works selected are all quite good, but partly because the Boatworks only has but so much room.  On the day of intake, many of the artists were excited to finally have a place to show their larger works.

Did you think we were kidding?  We are not- there are some very large works in this show, and they are all worth seeing.

The exhibition fills the entire Boatworks, front gallery, back gallery, even a few in the Lounge.  We have had shows with more pieces, but they are never this big.

 Would people show up?  Combine a weekend in Belmar, the hottest days of the year, some extreme humidity (weather people pointed out that the heat index for our area as about what Death Valley gets), a lot of people might have decided it was good day to hang out in front of their air conditioners.     Yet we did get a good crowd.  Art 1, heat 0.

Eventually we got some talk from the show's organizers.   Sandy mentioned that there were enough entries to have put together 4 such shows.  Does this mean more large painting shows are coming?  No promises, but I think they proved that the demand for such shows does exist.  Five awards were given; here are the artists and works:

First Place
David Dixon
Jeff at the Lake

Second Place
Claudia Waters

Third Place
Chee Bravo
La Cantora

Honorable Mention
Lauren Galuppo
Tongues III

Honorable Mention
Patricia Griffin

The Big Painting show remains on display through August 10, 2019 during regular gallery hours. Admission is free.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Bird Tales Opening Reception

The new show at the Boatworks is for the birds, but that's no insult.  The exhibition is called Bird Tales, and the theme is indeed all about birds.  Artists were invited to submit works about birds and related things, and did they ever.  This show has over 60 pieces in a variety of mediums, filling both the front and back galleries.

This show was open to all mediums.  Various forms of painting dominated, but there are examples of sculpture (as in the above piece by Lisa Bagwell), photography, drawing, fibers, and printmaking.  The exhibition's director is Suzanne Crosby, who headed up the last bird themed show a few years ago, and the juror is Vicki Siegel, who is based in Florida.  As part of the application process, all participants were asked to provide a short statement, including a mention of what the main inspiration was for the piece- a particular artist, movement, etc, and some of this was included in the wall labels that accompany each piece.

This being a summer weekend in Belmar, the town was filling up, and as the exhibition reception was beginning, parking spaces were few.  Many of the people walking through the door mentioned the difficulty or the distance they had walked from their parking spaces to the Boatworks.  Yet people started to arrive before the official beginning and kept coming, and soon the building was quite full of visitors.

As a general rule, the more artists in an exhibition, the higher the attendance at the reception, so those more than 60 works brought in quite a crowd.  People were everywhere in the building, but as always the crowds started gathering in the back room, where the bar, refreshments, and some tables were located.

Near the halfway point, exhibition chair Suzanne Crosby introduced herself and exhibition juror Vicki Siegel, who had made the journey up from Florida for the occasion.  They in turn made the announcement of prize winning works and artists:

Honorable Mentions:
Deco Woman
Jennifer Santa Maria

Jerry Deutsch

Big Bird 2
Lisa Bagwell

Third Prize
Which came first, the egg or the emu
Sheila Kramer

Second Prize
Through the Restless Seas
Cheryl Greisbach

First Prize
Moineaux Curieux
Jill Alexander

Images of the prize winning pieces are provided by the artists as part of their entries.  Meanwhile, the award winners are all labeled there in the gallery, which is the best way to see the art anyway.

The Bird Tales exhibition remains on display during regular gallery hours and by appointment through July 13, 2019.  Admission in free.

Individual art images provided by the artists