Saturday, January 25, 2020

Art In Nature Salon

So what could it be that all these people find so fascinating?  It's the latest Salon exhibition of course- Art in Nature.

We have been holding these Salon style shows for several years now, open shows with some kind of theme, where participants are invited to present one of their works and briefly talk about it.  Artists may talk about their materials, their inspiration, their subject, their process- whatever they want.   The afternoon rain had eased up and the crowd started coming, including an estimated over 40 participating artists from the exhibition, including a few new members.  Exhibition chair Jim Aberle was present to get things started and move us from piece to piece and artist to artist until everyone got their turn.

Many paintings, many photographs, a variety of fabric based arts, ceramics, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, and other media were all represented, demonstrating the variety of art skills found among our members, and in offered classes.  And something that may be new to us- conceptual art.

When the event began, the above frame included a banana (as in the two above photos).  Before the evening was over, it was gone.  What will be there when the gallery opens next week?  To find out you'll have to come in and see.

With so much art, the front gallery couldn't hold it all, so eventually the festivities moved to the back gallery, which held even more art.  And if all that isn't enough, the side gallery has a little show of fiber based art, a preview of the Fiber Arts show coming up later in the spring. (see the website for details)

Like that banana, the artists and their stories are no longer in the galleries, but the rest of the art will remain on the walls for a few more weeks.  Come check it out.

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