Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fragments Exhibition Opening

Today was the opening for the new Fragments exhibition at the Boatworks. The show contains 39 works that explore the concept of fragments, whether it relates to the material, process, or images, in a wide variety of two and three dimensional media.

As usual, we had a pretty big crowd, at least 60 people at one point, and more coming and going early and late in the reception.

People were found both in the front room gallery and in the back, which has more of the show and today's musical guests- Sister Isis and Brother Ty. They are based in the Neptune/Asbury area and teach drumming skills to kids in the community. They brought a whole bunch of musical instruments with them, explaining how they were made and their original purposes, before putting them to good use.

The various drums and other instruments were then distributed to the crowd, so they could participate in making the music.

Prizes were awarded to six of the artworks- a first prize each for 2D and 3D, and two honorable mentions for each category. Below are the winners:

Marilyn Ambler
Glass and Steel
1st prize for 2D

Vicky Culver
Olivia Landscape
Honorable Mention 2D

Sandy Taylor
Honorable Mention 2D

Alexandra Martin
Fragment IV
1st prize for 3D

Deborah Jane Slavitt
Honorable Mention 3D

Ali Bowie
Honorable Mention 3D

The Fragments exhibition remains on display during regular gallery hours (Wed to Sat, 1 to 5 pm) through August 20, 2011. Admission is free.

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