Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mud Mural part 6

Over the past week, work has continued on adding relief elements to the BAC mud mural at the Boatworks. Kat and Paul, working individually and together, added some three dimensional images on either side of the large BAC letters.

The decision was made to create some bamboo inspired designs, influenced by the material that made up the supporting structure of the wall.

Vertical lines representing upright bamboo stalks were created on both the right and left edges, along with a couple of stalks bending inward. (see above) The dark brown colors (a mixture of clay mud and sand) show newly created sculpture, which would eventually dry to match the color of the rest of the wall. Below is a view of the whole wall from the middle of the week.

The last element to be added were shapes reminiscent of the leaves on bamboo plants. Rather than building these up in three dimensions, it was decided to just smooth out the wall in those sections and scratch the leaf shapes into the wall. Color will eventually help them stand out.

And speaking of which, the last phase of this project is to add color, in the form of color pigmented clay, which will be applied in different areas of the mural. The current plan calls for that to happen on Saturday, July 23rd, beginning around 10:00 am. Volunteers are welcome to come help us finish this project. After that we remove the canopy and let nature take its course.

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