Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Lot of Old Shoes Walk In the Door

This evening the Boatworks hosted its first exhibition of the year- Old Shoes.  Over two dozen works featuring a theme of old shoes and whatever that concept meant to the artists.  In recent years this first show has been a salon format, meaning the artists are asked to take a few minutes to introduce their piece and take questions if there are any.

Our front room gallery had a good crowd from the start, and more kept arriving as the artists were presenting.  We had close to 80 people there, about as many as can stand in the space.

Visual qualities are always important in any gallery show, but more than most of what we present in this space, the annual salon show is about the stories.  We learned about processes and materials used in these pieces, and about decades of personal history that are reflected in some of them.

The artists have all gone home, and the stories left with them, but the artworks will remain on display during regular gallery hours through January 29, 2016.  As always, admission is free.

Meanwhile, the back room is displaying examples of things produced in some of our Shared Interest Groups and in classes.  The schedule for 2016 is forming as I write this, so stop by the Boatworks during office hours, or check the website to learn more.

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