Friday, January 15, 2016

Fleece Blankets return to the Boatworks

No snow yet, but outside temperatures are starting to feel like winter.  Seems like a good time for blankets to return to Belmar.  Fleece blankets that is, the kind produced and distributed by Blankie Depot, a non profit headquartered in Hazlet.  Last January our Fiber Fridays group hosted Greg Isnetto and produced 11 no sew blankets for his organization, which distributes them to children in need.  This time Greg and Stacia showed up with bolts of fleece material in a variety of patterns and 11 members set to work.

Not a very complex process- fleece is cut to size, edges are fringed, and the fringe pieces tied in a variety of styles that is both decorative and prevents the fleece material from unravelling.  And that's pretty much it.  Two hours later the group had finished producing 13 blankets, shattering last year's record.

They left the building, but anyone interested in making a donation, or volunteering, can visit their website, to learn more.

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