Saturday, September 12, 2015

2015 Mural Project

Another year, another mural project from BelmarArts.  Last spring we had a major one over at the town train station, an 80 foot long depiction of the town and surrounding area, on the part of the station building that faces the tracks.  On the platform on the other side of the tracks is a small structure, which several years ago was decorated with abstract paintings produced by our abstract painting group.  However, recently it was decided to update it with something more elaborate.  Submissions were invited and the above design was chosen.

Last year's successful mural started as paper design, which was blown up and reproduced as black line drawing, each space given a number to turn it into a giant paint by number project.  For that one the designs and the paintings were done on a very durable cloth, but this time around it would be done directly on wood, some of which was cut to unusual shapes.  Containers of the various colors of paint were prepared.  Like last year, the painting would be done inside the Boatworks, protecting it from potential weather problems.

Things started up in the morning. with the brightly colored palette standing out against the gray of the primed plywood.

Like last year's mural, this was a community project, open to interested artists of all ages.  Not surprisingly, we had all ages represented in today's mural volunteers.  About 50 people contributed to today's painting efforts.

The scheduled end of today's event was 3:00 pm, and by then all the pieces of wood had at least a first coat of all the chosen colors.

A few days later these painted panels were transported a few blocks over to the train station and installed.  This small building seems to have once served as a waiting room, and those "windows" were actually display cases.

Now the building has two very important functions.  First it supports the roof that provides shelter against sun and rain for people waiting on the southbound side of the tracks.  Second, it holds this new mural, featuring a pair of mermaids who respectively protect the ocean and lakes of Belmar.

The above photo shows the state of the mural in this early stage.  The plan is to connect all these pieces with more drawn and painted images, completing the planned design, as well as to add more art to the other sides of the building.

photos courtesy of Pat Hutchinson.

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