Thursday, September 17, 2015

2015 Mural Project part 2

Painting a mural at a train station that is in use can be tricky.  Last year we did one on the main platform, but not completely.  We tried an approach used by a professional muralist, painting the image on segments of "parachute cloth" back in the Boatworks, then attaching them to the wood walls in a process similar to putting up wallpaper.  This year we are going with another contemporary variation, painting the art on plywood, and attaching that to the building walls. Either way the majority of the image painting was done in our building and not out on the platform used by people traveling into and out of town.

As with last year, once the painted pieces were installed on the wall, there was still a need to fill the spaces in between, so we had volunteers there today painting those gaps and adding additional layers of color where needed.

This is essentially a continuation of last year's train station mural project, so the funding comes from the same source- ArtHelps and the Belmar Business Partnership.

Above and below are photos from the end of the day's painting.  The image has really started to come together.  Take a southbound train through Belmar and you can see it for yourself.

additional photos provided by Pat Hutchinson

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