Monday, April 28, 2014

Pictures - Belmar Art Walk April 27, 2014

Artists welcome visitors up and down Main Street.

Pat Hutchinson demonstrates at the Belmar Cafe.

Joan Wallace welcomes visitors at Ma's Italian Specialties & Catering,

while other art lovers view her work inside.

Sandy Taylor paints at Valdimier's Salon,
and Dave Taylor plays in the background.

Class is held on the street by Michelle Ledinski in front of Refurb Timeless Treasures.

John Hutchinson (left), Joe Villa (center), and Nick Bryson (right) discuss the Art Walk at Serenity by the Sea.

Fiber art from Lise Gayle took over in front of the Styling Company

Federico's Pizza & Restaurant hosts photographer Tom Birardi.

Back at the Belmar Arts Council, Paul Bonelli shows his woodcarving expertise.

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