Sunday, April 6, 2014

Train Station Mural part 2

Work continued this morning on the train station mural.  Before long all the remaining pre-painted panels were attached to the wall in their proper places and the effort shifted over to painting the design on the wall.  Some of this was about touching up, some was making corrections to the original design, and some was about filling the spaces from one piece to the next, especially the odd spaces over and around windows and doors.

Once again we started cleaning up around 4:00, but this time we had color on the wall from end to end.  Details will continue to be added, but now we have everything blocked in.

Above, a view of the whole wall as seen from across the tracks.  Below, closer views of the mural from each end of the building.

Considering that all this went up over the weekend, there may be a lot of confused and surprised commuters at and passing through the station tomorrow morning.  A happy surprise no doubt, to see this colorful display and the stories it tells replacing the plain white plywood that covered this wall just 48 hours ago.  Work will be continuing over the next few days, just details compared to what happened so far.  There will be a special dedication on April 26th, but since this is an outdoor public space, you can stop by anytime and check our progress.

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