Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Railroad Show Has Departed

The Railroad Show only had a short stop in Belmar, and closed yesterday.  All the votes were totaled for the People's Choice awards, and the following artworks were awarded ribbons based on those totals:

1st Place- Tie
Through The Show
Kevin Burkitt
digital photo

1st Place- Tie
Pat Hutchinson

2nd Place-Tie
Yellow Caboose
Lois Kiely

2nd Place- Tie
Commuter Train
Gary Dates
digital photo

3rd Place
River Crossing
Kevin Burkitt
digital photo

4th Place
Milton Quon
mixed media

5th Place
Crossing into Manasquan
Joel Gahr
pen & ink

At the conclusion of the Belmar and the Railroad show, the drawing was held for the raffle prize of the hand colored woodcut by Paul Bonelli, used for the postcards and other promotions of the show.  The winner was Richard Salls, one of the artists in the show.

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