Saturday, January 14, 2017

Themeless Times in Belmar

Not much going on around the Boatworks the past few weeks, but that's about to change.  Today was the intake day for the next show, which is called Themeless.  In recent years our first show of the year has traditionally been a Salon style show, which for us means open (not juried) to all paid up members and all exhibiting artists are invited to present their contribution to the assembled people at the opening.  Just a few minutes where the artists can talk about the piece and the process used to complete it, which can mean medium, tools, inspiration, etc.  They also may take a few questions.  This is our only show of the year in this format, but because it provides so much insight into the works, it is also always an interesting experience.

It is also the first show we've had since before Christmas, so that opening becomes an opportunity to reconnect with other members, friends, and local artists who come to see it.  Following Hurricane Sandy, BelmarArts was shut down for several months, but the first Salon show of the new year was packed with visitors, overjoyed to have the place back up and running.  Nothing so extreme this year, but word is that we had over 60 entries.  I don't know how many artists have more than one piece (we only get to talk about one artwork each), so I don't know how many artists may be presenting, but it should be a good evening.

They will start hanging the show on Wednesday, January 18th, and the reception will be Saturday, January 21, 2017, from 5 to 7 pm.  The Salon portion of the event begins at 5:30 sharp- we have a lot of people who will be talking about their work and need to start on time.  The show will remain on display during regular gallery hours through February 17, 2017.  Meanwhile, a bit of remodeling has been going on during the break, so if nothing else, you may want to check out the updated look of the Boatworks, but the art itself should be quite interesting.

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