Saturday, January 21, 2017

Themeless Salon Opens

Big crowd in Belmar tonight for the Salon event and opening.  The new show is called Themeless, and the more than 60 works reflects that, in the sense that there is no common subject or medium.  This collection of member art includes a wide variety of paintings, photographs, sculptures, prints- little in common with each other except for being enjoyable artwork.  Well before the official start time a huge crowd was gathered to see the show and learn more about the art and artists.  That information would come from the artists themselves.

The event commenced at exactly 5:30 pm as planned.  Each artist present was given a few minutes to talk about their piece in the show- to tell about inspiration, process, tools, whatever they felt was important to share.

We had 44 of the artists in the show present tonight and talking about their works.  Some brought other people with them as well.  As the photos show, it was a pretty packed house.  But it was all handled with efficiency, and we got through everyone in about an hour.

After the Salon event was done, people were welcome to hang around, continuing to view the work, or asking more questions of the artists.  The bulk of the work looked at tonight is in the front room gallery, but some artists put a second piece in the show and these are in the back.

This Themeless Salon remains on display through February 17, 2017 during regular gallery hours.  Admission is free.

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