Saturday, June 25, 2016

Summer Art

Summer has definitely arrived in Belmar.  Sun, heat, lots of traffic jams on the Parkway and on all the local roads, parking very difficult to find- all pretty much what you'd expect on a summer weekend.  However, summer also brings art to Belmar and we have two new shows right now in the Boatworks.

In the front gallery we have the Summer Solstice Artisan Market.  Whole bunches of local artists are displaying examples of their creative output, a very wide variety of items for sale.  There are baskets, ceramics, jewelry, hand made soaps, small paintings and photos, fabric based items, and other interesting crafts.

The summer solstice may have come and gone, but this Artisan Market will continue through August 6, 2016.  The days will gradually be growing shorter, yet the gallery will still be open Wednesday to Sunday, from 1 to 5 pm.  Artists are encouraged to replace items as they are sold, so you'll want to come back often and see what new items are on display and for sale. Admission is free.

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