Thursday, June 16, 2016

Show and Tell, Belmar Style

Tonight BelmarArts held a Member Meeting and Ice Cream Social.  The format for the meeting was a  Show and Tell, with all participants invited to bring in examples of their work to share with the others.  This could be work in progress or even just processes and materials being experimented with.  Meanwhile, a table on the side had an assortment of cookies, cupcakes, and ice cream cups.  Those in attendance got to see examples of fabric arts. wood relief prints, carved and polished wood, wax encaustic painting, writing projects, among other things.

For example, John Hutchinson talked about LED lights and motion sensitive switches.  The technology goes back decades, but in recent years it has become much less expensive and easily adaptable to computers.  He has used it for decorating the exterior of the Boatworks, and for some of his many creations, like our most popular member, Alan the Robot.  Above he showed us how any computer could be used to program sequences of light and color, such as with the blue light in his hand.  But that wasn't all.  Later he switched from high-tech to low, and cranked out a significant section of this jigsaw puzzle below.  Our Hutch is a true Renaissance man and we are lucky to have him.

As for the member meetings, I'm told that the Show and Tell format may return in the future, when we don't have another special topic planned.  Information is always available on the calendar page of the Belmar Arts main website.

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