Thursday, February 18, 2016

Getting Ready

We are a few weeks away from the deadline of the 12th Annual Jersey Shore Juried Show at the Belmar Arts Council.  Years ago that deadline meant dozens of people lining up, carrying in their work and filling out forms over a whole weekend, then a juror having to go through all the works to select pieces for the show.   The digital age makes things more efficient.  Forms are filled out online in advance, and images are submitted and judged digitally as well.  If you don't make the cut, you never have to come to the building.

The one big problem with having your work evaluated by digital photo is that you need to have a good photo of it.  All the juror has is the photo to look at, so if it isn't a good representation, you may be out of luck.  With that in mind, the BAC offered an opportunity for its members to stop by and get some tips for photographing ones own work, as well as getting a piece done on the spot.  We had Michael Miller and Joe Villa, two of our most experienced  photographers on hand to help out.  About 25 people had turned up to take advantage of the opportunity.  After some introductory information, the two photographers each set up a station and went to work helping to document the artworks.  Michael and Joe will send the results back to the artists in the coming days.

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