Thursday, July 30, 2015

The New Door is Complete

Back in May of last year we announced a plan to replace our famous purple front door with a new automatically opening door.  This would help make the building more ADA compliant, as well as making life easier for artists having to haul large bulky items in and out.  The early efforts included fund raising, and replacing the old door with a glass one was an important step accomplished last year.  A never ending winter didn't help matters, and the current heat wave also slowed things down.  But it all drew to a close today.

Sometime in the period between the last show and the current show, some work was done inside.  A unit was attached to the top of the door that would open it by pressing the button to the left, but there was no equivalent yet for outside.

That changed today.  Concluding that today was slightly less miserable weather than what we had experienced the past week, Hutch decided to resolve all this today.  First step, dig hole for the post.  Not always an easy job with the ground around the Boatworks, but he got it done.

The next step (above) was to insert a prepared wooden post, and back fill the dirt while keeping it vertical.  After that, Hutch attached to the post (below) a light, and the switch that will activate the door from the outside.

And now the door works as planned.  See for yourself on your next visit to the Boatworks.  As a special bonus, we finally got window shades for the two big front windows (see above to the left of the door), which will cut some of the blinding sun and heat that comes in through the summer months.

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