Saturday, May 30, 2015

PreReImagine Art

If the above photo looks a lot like your life, this could be the sign you are ready to become a visual artist.  About a month from now the Boatworks will be hosting a new juried exhibition called ReImagine, which calls for art made from recycled, reused and repurposed materials.  The exhibition organizers are Lisa Bagwell, Nicole Vincenti and Sally Behler- all active members, but Lisa has been making and exhibiting art of this nature for years, so she took the lead in today's project, a community exercise in making art from cast off unwanted materials.

A group of interested artists assembled this morning to start the project, a mosaic style mural using plastic to depict a typical beach scene.  A supply of discarded plastic parts was sorted by color and they started fitting it into a design roughly sketched on a backing board.

Above and below we see the creation of a beach umbrella, colors coming from plastic lids, caps, and other no longer needed items, and all glued in place on the backing board.

Above, Lisa puts together an advertising banner of the type seen dragged by airplanes up and down the beach all summer.  Below is the state of the whole piece after three hours work.  It is currently in the side gallery and more will likely be added before it goes on display as part of the ReImagine show.

Registration for the ReImagine show is currently open on the BelmarArts website, with the deadline for entry on June 10, 2015.  All the details and specific requirements can be found on the exhibition page.

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