Friday, May 15, 2015

Making the Papers

No, this isn't a smoothie in progress, much less a daiquiri, unless you like newsprint based beverages.  What you're seeing is the start of a demonstration from today's meeting of Fiber Fridays.  The topic today was making paper.  Papers are made from plant fibers, some more processed than others.  Today Rebecca gave a demonstration as to how a simple paper base can be made from old unwanted paper.  The contents of that blender were essentially shredded newspaper and water, then blended into a pulp.

The next step was to layer the mix in a form, on top of screens that would eventually allow the excess water to drain away.  Some metallic threads were placed on top, and the crowd watched them dance around.  Eventually the bottom was opened allowing the rest of the water to drain quickly, leaving the sheet of paper.

Several minutes of blotting and sponging followed, gradually removing more and more water from the new sheet of paper.  Finally we had the piece below.

This was just a very basic piece, but other options include adding color, and more textural items, or making thicker pieces and molding them into three dimensional forms that will eventually dry.

The Fiber Fridays shared interest group meets bi-monthly at the Boatworks.  Planned for July's meeting is stamping on  various materials.

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