Saturday, April 25, 2015

Boatworks Improvements Continue Again

Having a building like the Boatworks is a great thing, and we get a lot of use out of it, something going on almost every day.  However, it's a place that requires a lot of work and improvements.  A few years ago we had a plan improve our exterior, using donated pavers to create some all weather paths around the building.  The south side of the building was taken care of a while back (thanks to Belmar), but the plans for the north side got delayed...until now.

This morning found a large contingent of helpers from Boy Scout Troop 258 of Howell, NJ, all there to provide their knowledgable volunteer labor in creating some paved areas.  Under the direction of Eagle Scout candidate Joseph Smith, they used rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows, power saws, and other machinery to do the job.  Anyone who has ever worked this property can tell you, it's not easy, with mystery pockets of gravel, asphalt, concrete, and rock buried under the dusty soil.

Several hours later, a whole lot of work had been done.  We now have a solid level all weather brick paver path leading from our front door, around the building to our side door (above), plus a short path (below) that leads from our back door to our storage shed, where things used to get very sloppy in rainy weather.

Come see for yourself next time you are at the Boatworks.

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