Saturday, October 5, 2013

Boatworks Improvement Continue

The efforts to continue the rehabilitation and improvements to the Boatworks has continued this week.  The town has completed the pouring of concrete, for both our stage (above) and the slab that will hold our shed (below).  Meanwhile Hutch has been framing out the new stage- walls now, roof to come soon.

Another change is that we have received a whole bunch of pavers.  The pink ones above will be installed by the town as a path that will come around from the front and continue most of the way down that side of the building.  The gray ones below will form an even bigger path, bridging the space between our storage room back door and the shed's new location, and also coming down around the
Boatworks on the side with the postcard mural.  A volunteer group organized by an Eagle Scout nominee will be taking charge of that.

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