Saturday, September 27, 2014

Going Back Under Water

It's been months since we had a mural being worked on in Belmar, and it's late in the year to start a new one, so we're doing the next best thing- working on an old one.  It's been seven years since we finished our first mural on the side of the Boatworks, so long ago we didn't have this blog going yet, though we published highlights from that process in 2008.  Considering some of the natural disasters that have happened around these parts in recent years, it has held up surprisingly well for house paint on a concrete wall.  There has been noticeable fading (it's a broad wall facing south) and it was decided to add some new paint to bring back some of the boldness of the original look.  The underwater blue was redone last week, along with some of the mysteries of what may be found below.  Today we had more people continuing work on it, repainting plants, sea creatures, and other items.  It's a big wall (about 30' by 12') and so there is a lot of work to go.  There is no advance schedule, but if you are a member and receive the weekly newsletter, there will be reminders there when the crew will be out.  About 10 people have been part of the process so far in 2014.  If you have painting skills and don't mind climbing a ladder, we could probably use your help.

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