Monday, July 28, 2008

How To Paint A Mural

As we are now starting a new mural on the north side of our building, it seems a good time to show some of the work that went into the south wall mural, completed during the summer and fall of 2007, before the start of this blog.

Once we selected a design (by Pat Hutchinson), the wall was primed and a grid painted on.

Still on ladders, we roughed in the basic design for the area above the water level.

The scaffold arrived, making it easier to proceed on the upper half. The next step was to block out some main compositional elements, using pale yellow and various shades of blue.

After that a wider variety of color was introduced. The architectural details got filled in, including a lot of buildings in the deep background under and between the bridges.

The final addition to the upper level was the three dimensional pieces created by Bob Mataranglo.

After the scaffold was removed, we finished the lower half. First we created a watery deep blue background to represent the area under the water of the Shark River inlet.

All kinds of undersea life was painted in, much of it inspired by suggestions from the Belmar community.

The last photo (click on it to enlarge and see the details) shows the final results, a beautiful mural depicting the view over the Shark River, and what we imagine lies beneath.

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