Saturday, June 28, 2014

More Fiber Fun

Yesterday the Boatworks hosted the latest meeting of the Fiber Fridays shared interest group.  The project for this meeting was Solvy Scarves.  Fibers of the artist's choosing (natural or synthetics) are laid out on pieces of Sulky Solvy, a water soluble stabilizer material.  More pieces go on top of the fibers, to create a sandwich.

After pinning the sandwich together, the artist can randomly sew through all the layers with a thread that complements the rest of the materials used.

Then the whole thing is rinsed in tepid water.  The soluble Sulky Solvy layers dissolve, leaving everything else in place.  Blot it dry and enjoy your results.

The weather getting a little too warm for scarves?  The same process can be used to put fibers together for other purposes, such as the book cover below.

The next Fiber Fridays meeting will be August 8th, from 12:30 to 2:30.  The topic and project will be Yarn Bombing, which shouldn't be nearly as dangerous as the name sounds.

Photos and story courtesy of Rebecca Szabo

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