Friday, June 27, 2014

Another Way to Come See our Train Station Mural

Back in January we had an interesting day at the Boatworks.  As part of the process of creating a mural for the outside of the Belmar train station, we had 80 or so people come into our building to paint it.  The painting was done on pieces of cloth, already marked with a line sketch by mural designer Delia King.  Part of this day was recorded to create a video about the project as part of the MoCo Arts Corridor.  More footage was shot of the installation of the mural, and at the dedication.

The Jersey Shore region has as many people in the creative arts as any area you'll find outside of New York City.  That may not be a coincidence, with a train line that extends from the city and all through coastal Monmouth County.  The Garden State Parkway follows a similar path through the state.  The idea behind the MoCo Arts Corridor is to create partnerships between local governments, businesses, and our county's numerous and industrious arts groups.  It's a partnership where everyone benefits.  More information can be found on the MoCo website.

As for that video, it was produced by Synergy Productions, with some financial help from Visions Photographic Workshops, ArtHelps, and the Belmar Business Partnership.  And now it has been posted to YouTube, so you can click here to see it.  If you weren't there on the day painting started, it will give you a sense of the experience.

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