Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ice Cream and Murals

Tonight the Boatworks hosted the May monthly members meeting for the Belmar Arts Council.  In honor of the recently warming weather, we had an ice cream social, with everyone in attendance being offered vanilla and/or chocolate, along with various toppings.  After that, drawings for door prizes.

And as if that wasn't enough, the meeting featured our own Pat Hutchinson doing a presentation about the barrier mural project that the BAC launched over the winter, even as we were not able to make use of the Boatworks.  We decided that the concrete barriers placed on all the streets up near the ocean front to divert traffic from the repair and construction zones were a great opportunity to create a new series of murals.  Pat's presentation showed many examples of the resulting murals, all painted by volunteers in and outside of the BAC.  Many examples of these barrier murals can be seen earlier on this blog.  Since then much of Ocean Avenue has opened up, and the barriers have been put to new uses in other parts of town, but many of the murals are still intact and we have reason to believe that this project is far from done.  Perhaps we'll have an update soon on where these paintings can be seen .

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