Saturday, December 22, 2012

Murals, Murals, Everywhere

The Boatworks is still serving an important function for Belmar's Sandy recovery, but we hope to be getting it ready soon for a busy 2013 series of exhibitions, classes, performances, etc.  But that hasn't stopped us from working on art.  As part of the clean up of Belmar, a series of concrete barriers was installed along A Street from 7th Avenue to 20th Avenue, to divert non-local traffic away from Ocean Avenue while the heavy equipment is busy.  Those concrete 'Jersey walls' are effective, but not particularly pretty, so the BAC was invited to help decorate them.  Belmar Paint and Decorating on Main Street donated large amounts of blue paint so that each could be given a background coat front and back, along with some brushes.  Volunteers jumped at the chance to adopt a barrier and turn it into something bright and colorful.  The process has been going on for a few weeks.  Below are some examples of these barriers:

8th Avenue and A
Bob Mataranglo

9th Avenue and A
Merry Brennan and friends

10th Avenue and A
Pat and John Hutchinson

11th Avenue and A
Katie Maricic

12th Avenue and A

13th Avenue and A
Garth Gutierrez

14th Avenue and A
Kathryn Paul and Ava

15th Avenue and A
Rochelle Ritacco (front)
Girl Scout Troop 1517 (back)

16th Avenue and A
Tim Lucas and Friends

17th Avenue and A

18th Avenue and A
Cindy Dunn
Louise Rempe
Neil Schenk
Linda Sanfilippo

A few of the barriers shown above are still in progress, and there are a few along the route that haven't been started yet, but if we get enough decent weather, I'm sure we'll find people to finish them all.  Some of the artists have told us they have been getting many positive comments from the people who live on these blocks, who appreciate the artistic efforts of the BAC and other Belmar volunteers.  Photos of other barriers around town can be seen on the BAC website.  Even better, park your car on A Street and stroll up and down from 7th to 20th and see them for yourself.

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