Thursday, December 27, 2012

Time to Clean Up

Day 1

Those who have followed the news of the Belmar Arts Council over the past two months know that we have suspended most of our activities since the end of October and Sandy's arrival on our shores.  (the painted barriers closer to the beach are a notable exception) Belmar took over the Boatworks to use as an aid intake and redistribution center, filling the building with all kinds of relief supplies.  There are still several large truck trailers parked outside the building, which one assumes will eventually be hauled (along with their contents) to other places.  However, much of the building itself has been emptied, and so on Thursday morning the BAC began the process of clearing the building of what remained, and getting it cleaned up and ready for a new season of art.  Supplies that could be of use to local charitable organizations were packed up to be redistributed.

We had a great turnout today, 15 to 20 people running around the Boatworks, hauling boxes, moving furniture, scrubbing, demolishing, sweeping, etc.

As long as various repairs were going on, it was decided to remove a corner of the wall that separates the office from the rest of the back room.  This will give us a little more space, and a wider view of the stage for performances.

As we suspected, the front room saw a little more damage (some water had gotten in), permanently damaging the sheet rocked walls.  They looked fine, but had been in standing water, so disintegration and mold were inevitable.  The lower two feet were of wall board were removed all the way around, and the framing treated to arrest moisture damage.

Day 2

Work continued on Friday.  That corner of the old office that was cut off yesterday was framed and sheet rocked to create a new angled wall- a better view of the stage area, and we can still hang art on the wall.

However the bigger job was in the front room.  The lower two feet of sheet rock had been removed all the way around the room, exposing the wall studs and the outer wall of the building.  The framing was sprayed and fans were deployed around the room to speed the drying of the wood.  After we are satisfied that the wood is dry, fresh sheet rock will go up.

More volunteers will be needed in the coming weeks to continue the process of getting the Boatworks ready for a full schedule of art exhibitions, classes, performances, etc.  The walls and floors will all need a bit of work from our volunteers.  If you are interested in lending a hand, check the BAC main website on a regular basis.  Information will be posted there to let people know when various help will be needed.

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