Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sprucin' Up

The calendar may say early February, but with this season's mild weather, it seems like the perfect time to do a little spring cleaning. So we put out the call and got more than a dozen volunteers to show up at the Boatworks early this morning and help get the place in shape for tonight's show and other upcoming events.

Joe and Hutch helped repaint the whole stage area black, while others used white paint to touch up walls and trim all around the building. Below, Tom puts the lid on the white paint.

Meanwhile, others helped us bring back a project that goes back the founding days of the BAC. Artistically painted magnetic words that once upon a time were stuck to refrigerator doors on the beach (the legendary "Poemhenge") were sorted to form the original poems (above) and arranged on the steel beam (below) that helps hold up the roof of the Boatworks.

But mostly there was a lot of cleaning going on. The restroom, window sills, counters, tables, etc, all got a good scrubbing. Floors were vacuumed and mopped, made bright and shiny.

At the end of the morning we realized that the whole list of chores was complete, right on schedule. The place looked great, ready for upcoming receptions, classes, and performances. Scheduled events are all listed on the BAC main website.

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