Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another Salon

Hot on the heels of our 2012 Member's Salon and Exhibition, the Belmar Arts Council announced there would be another salon in town. However this one was to be a little different. First of all, it was not organized by the BAC, but by the Monmouth County Arts Council. Second, it wouldn't be at the Boatworks, but about 3 blocks away at Nicchio Ristorante, on the corner of 10th and Main. Third, this wouldn't be about presenting artworks, but rather a nice opportunity to meet and hang out with fellow art lovers from the area, and discuss whatever art related issues were of interest.

Because the event was held during happy hour in the bar area of a public restaurant, it's impossible to say how many were there specifically for the art event (as opposed to people there just to enjoy food, drink, and atmosphere), but there were many familiar faces in the dense crowd, along with some people with MCAC name tags. In addition, we definitely had some people who were new to one or both groups and came specifically for the event, so it was a good opportunity for them to learn about some of the many art opportunities available right here in Belmar and our local region. Plus, everyone seemed to be having a very good time, so it looks like it was a successful event.

photo courtesy of Pat Hutchinson

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