Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Learn to Blog

If you've been enjoying the Belmar Arts Council blog and been wondering about how to get involved, or even how to start your own blog, come to the next monthly member meeting at the Boatworks on Thursday, August 7. After the business part of the meeting, yours truly will be demonstrating how this blog works, as well as how to get one of your own. We will also see how to create posts, upload photos, and edit, using the Blogger software. Don't worry if you have little computer experience- it's no more difficult than sending an e-mail. If you're an artist without a web site or home page of your own, this is a great opportunity to get your artwork on to the internet. Best of all, the blogs are free.

The meeting begins at 7:30 pm. The blog demo will start after all the other business is over, finishing sometime before 9:30 pm.

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