Saturday, May 13, 2017

Blue Opening in Belmar

So why a "blue" show?  Exhibitions often have a theme, and one of the first thoughts that was considered was starting with a color.  Of course, besides being a hue, blue also has many other connotations, such as in that piece just below.

Put out a call for "blue" art and you give artists a lot of possibilities.  This is our 3rd Annual Youth Art show, and in the end we had 73 pieces submitted, representing around 20 schools, plus individuals.  Most of the art came from the shore region, but we had art come from some far parts of the state as well, thanks to word of mouth and publicity on social media.

Fitting the theme, the sky was crying all day, a major rain storm, the kind that can sometimes keep a crowd from showing up to an opening.  But not today- we officially counted over 130 in attendance by the time of the award ceremony, and more were coming.

No specific subject or medium for this show, so we had a wide variety.  Turns out that blue can be used in a lot of different ways- painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, ceramics, etc.

When it was time to announce the award winners, the back gallery was packed wall to wall.  The full list will be added soon.  The show was sponsored by contributions from Blazing Visuals, the Friendly Sons of the Shillelagh, Hal Khan, and local bakery Sweet!, whose cake was devoured by our crowd.  The following awards were announced during the reception:

Best of Show
Nicole Smalley
Eye See You

1st Ribbon Bluest of Blues
Ria Manghani
Bergen Tech High School
Moment of Silence

2nd Ribbon Bluest of Blues
Alex Vincent
Brick Memorial High School
Blue Skies

3rd Ribbon Bluest of Blues
Alexa Petersen
Point Boro High School
Vi Et Anino

Blue Ribbon Award 1st Ribbon
Kylie Wintle
Jackson Liberty
Tattoo Design

Blue Ribbon Award 2nd Ribbon
Doris Fon
St Rose High School
I'm Blue

Blue Ribbon Award 3rd Ribbon
Erin Lynch
Blue Horse

Hal Kahn Award of Merit
Morgan DiMicco
Brick Memorial High School

Teacher Membership Awards:
Jude Harzer, Brick Memorial
Michele Russo, Deal
Luisa Corichi, Rugby School

Our Blue art show will remain on display through June 1, 2017, during regular gallery hours.  Admission is free.

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