Saturday, November 26, 2016

Fall Clean Up

Last Saturday our friends from Troop 258 were back at the Boatworks to help us with our ongoing improvement of the property.

Keeping nature at bay is a never ending battle.  This past summer the various weeds that had sprouted in the dirt and sand surrounding the building were threatening to consume our whole building.  And while I personally enjoyed the three dimensional aspect this brought to our Undersea mural, it had reached a point where it was out of control.  In recent months a bunch of volunteers have contributed to efforts to cut back the wild plant growth, which by this past summer was looking like what you see above.

So a lot has changed since the summer, and while the coming winter weather should slow down the formation of another jungle, this latest effort from an Eagle Scout from Troop 258 will also help.

Our large collection of cast concrete creatures, which emerged from the ocean along Belmar beach right around the time we moved into the Boatworks, were temporarily moved so that the rest of the weeds could be removed and a weed barrier could be put down.  Then they were returned, clearing the brick path, but still allowing us to see the mural.

Also done as part of this was the installation of this colorful fence, created by Katie, one of our summer interns, which keeps our garbage cans out of view and can inspire people to make some art.

Next time you stop by the Boatworks, take a few minutes to walk around the outside and see all the improvements.

some photos provided by Nicole Vincenti

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