Saturday, April 30, 2016

Belmar ArtWalk 2016

The past few days have seen a lot of cloudy skies and passing showers.  But today was the scheduled day of the Annual Art Walk, in which local artists would be all over town, inside and outside of local businesses, showing their skills and products.  For this kind of thing to be successful, we need a beautiful sunny day, one that gets people walking all around Main Street.  Based on the expression on that dog's face, we got that sunny day.

The biggest area of action today was in Pyanoe Plaza, which had dozens of tables and tents set up.  BelmarArts had its own booth of course, with some free activities for kids to try, and we had members scattered around the rest of the plaza as well.

Students from the Beach Music Studios provided live entertainment for the crowds.

We also had artists at businesses up and down Main Street, and a few in the Boatworks.  More than 40 artists signed up to be participants in this year's ArtWalk, and like last year, we had a secret word prize drawing, which encouraged viewers to go all around town.  Don't have an official count of the number of visitors, but the Boatworks saw a steady stream of visitors all afternoon, which continued well past the official end of the event at 4:00.

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