Saturday, February 7, 2015

Printmaking Without a Press

These days the Boatworks is bustling with classes, a mix of old favorites and brand new ones.  Recent Jersey shore transplant Catherine Trapani launched another new class today, "Printmaking Without a Press".  The idea of printmaking without a press is not completely new to BelmarArts (the woodcut class has been doing it for years), but this class is introducing a wide variety of low-tech processes that will encourage all kinds of creativity.  Above, the instructor works on inking a plate, creating the design by applying printing ink with brushes and other tools.  Below, a registration system will be useful for the creation of a multi-layered artwork.

In an initial demonstration a monotype was printed from a metal plate.  Above, the plate is on the right and the proof that came from it is on the left.  A simple hand held tool was used the transfer the ink from the plate to the paper.  (a ghost print of the plate would soon follow)  Below, the students get to work on their own.

There are five more weeks of this class to go, and plans include photo transfer, altered paper, pochoir, and many other processes.  To learn more, check out the class web page on our main site.

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