Saturday, January 24, 2015

Abstractions by Zol

The side gallery at the Boatworks currently features an exhibition of abstract painting by Zolbayar Uguumursaikhan, who is kind enough to let us call him Zol.  The opening reception was held tonight and drew a pretty good crowd, many of whom wanted to know about the work.  The artist is originally from St Petersburg, with stops in Moscow and Mongolia on his way to this country, where he arrived at age 13.

Zol uses his work to explore his interest in the process of creation, seeing a link between what he does as a visual artist and the earth's never ending cycle of life.

The use of the natural materials, minerals, and elements of the earth makes him both part of a tradition that has followed humanity from ancient cave art to the painting of the Renaissance to today, and also part of billions of years of geology and biology.  The full version of his artist statement is currently posted on the main website for those who want to know more.

Providing entertainment for the reception was BelmarArts favorite Thomas Wesley Stern, whose music has nothing specifically to do with Zol's artistic philosophy, but was equally enjoyed by the crowd.  In typical fashion, the crowd gradually drifted away from the art in the front and side galleries gather around the food and music.

The Abstractions by Zol exhibition remains on display during regular gallery hours through February 6, 2015.

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